Reclaimed Bluestone

Bluestone was quarried all over the northeast in the early to mid-1800s to be used primarily for sidewalks. We have found the very best quality of bluestone out there, the stone has virtually no imperfections or delaminates and has withstood 150+ years of foot traffic. Reclaimed bluestone is one of the best stones you can work with.

We hand select and harvest almost all of our bluestone personally and are handled with extreme care to ensure the very best for our clients. Bluestone came out of the quarries and carried by horse and wagons to ports where it could be transported by Barge to neighboring communities ultimately a lot went to NYC, Boston, and every community in between.

The past art of hand-chiseled stone can be seen on every piece of stone or an individual piece of artwork. We have supplied very small projects to some very large projects as well. Contact us today about using reclaimed bluestone for your upcoming project.


Reclaimed Bluestone

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